In 1987 Mr. David Lancaster Anderson began Anderson Pinestraw Company.  He began by sectioning off a 10 acre tract of land and hand check planted the acreage with loblolly pine seedlings.  His relentless care for the stand allowed for the stand to make it to the current 23 year mark.  Mr. Anderson’s company grew from maintaining his own field to purchasing land and fields and selling pine straw to the landscape public of the Pitt and Beaufort county areas.  Mr. Anderson’s career grew due to his particuliar quest for quality, and his extremely hard work ethic. He then expanded his company from strictly pine straw sales to include the selling of wood fiber mulch.  


Mr. Anderson relocated his business in 2005 to border the stand of pines that he originaly planted in 1987.  The company now sits on a 16 acre tract that is currently the location of the Anderson pinestraw and mulch company. In January of 2009, Anderson Pinestraw and Mulch company was purchased by a friend and customer of Mr. David Anderson.  Stephen Jones took over the reins of Anderson Pinestraw and Mulch under the careful eye of Mr. David Anderson.  Even though Mr. Anderson is no longer in charge of the company, his philosophy, hard work ethic, focus and purusit of quality lives on.  Today the company is continuing to expand to provide the necessary, high quality supplies to the landscaping industry and to the general public.  The future is bright at Anderson’s Pinestraw and Mulch Company, please come by and visit our company, Dave’s not too far away.

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