How does your pricing work and time frame work?

Commercial Landscape Management:
On our commercial landscape management contracts for the most part, our contracts are set up for 12 calendar months.  The contracts are designed to meet the needs for the site over the 12 month period, this not only provides for year around maintenance, but it also helps the customer from an accounting stand point in that they pay the same fee every month for the service.  We do also give per service contracts for customers who wish to go that route.  
Landscape Design and Installation:
As for our landscape design and installations, we meet with the customer and find out their needs and wants.  We custom fit the needs of the customer within their budget.  We do ask the customer to sign a contract prior to the work beginning.  This contract allows us to go and start the job without taking a deposit.  Funds are due upon completion of the job.  If the job has a change during construction, the customer is asked to sign a change order for a specified amount so that there is no problems in pricing at the end of the job.  This way of doing business has worked for us and has ensured the customer that we will be there until the job is complete.
We schedule events from immediate needs to future planning.  Our company has a reputation for being reliable and dependable.  We like to plan and to get a firm time frame on when projects will be started and completed.   In the past our company has been scheduled solid everyday for 2 years ahead of schedule for landscape installations.  If you are interested in our company providing services for you please email us or call our office for scheduling needs.

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