Is your service outrageously expensive?

We like to think that our quality of work far out weighs the monetary expense.  Whether it is one of our landscape installations or landscape management contracts we custom fit our projects and contracts to try to meet the wants of the customer within the confinds of their budget.  We are known for the value of our landscapes in the quality, size and workmanship of the installations and maintenance contracts.  We have learned through our many years of experience that the lowest priced contractors do not tend to be in business for a long period of time. I have come up with an analogy over the years that in applies in nature as it does in business.  "Weeds grow faster than trees."  While the weeds come up for their season and show impressive growth, the resources soon run out and the season changes and the weeds are withered and wiped away by the winter. The tree on the other hand, whether planted by man or by nature starts off slow and some times appearing to have no movement at all, but yet what the eye does not see is the root system as it probes deeper searching for the fertilie soils and stable ground to handle the growth that it is wanting to achieve.  It takes many years for the trees to develop and reach their ultimate potential, and during that time the weeds have come and gone as the tree has continued to reach towards the clouds it is only then that you can see the comparison between the weed and the tree.  Our company has been in business since 1989 service eastern North Carolina, we are established and experienced, if you are looking for a landscape contractor that will be around when you need them, you have found them at Stephen Jones Landscape Management.

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