Is there such a thing as applying too much mulch?

YES!  Proper mulching techniques will help your plants thrive, however improper mulching techniques can have just as equal of a negative effect.  Over mulching can always be done by an overzealous person thinking that they are going to benefit the plant life by providing more than is needed.  In this situation, more mulch actually means less plant benefits.  The term “Mulch Volcanoes” is a blemish on the mulch and landscape industry.  Many people pile mulch on year after year and layer after layer until a large amount of materials lay on top of the plants root zones and over the trunks of the trees.  Plants become more susceptible to natural problems that are caused by plants being too wet and not allowing air flow to the root systems.  Plants are similar to people in the fact that they need air and water to survive.  If you have too much mulch you limit the air circulation to the roots and can allow too much water to stay in the root zones causing plant decay and even death.  A detailed picture of how to mulch a tree is attached in our publications and facts section on our website.

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