How do I decide between pine straw, mulch, and both?

First consider your landscaping areas.  Which is going to benefit the plantings the best?  If you are in a severely windy area and you fear that your pine straw may become airborne and become more of a hassle than a benefit, then you may want to consider wood fiber mulches.  If you are tired of your plants looking like they are drowning from too much mulch, then you may need to consider pine straw for its more arid benefits.  Water retention needs to the first consideration before you choose your product.  After you have chosen which will benefit your landscape the best, then consider these following variables:  Ease of installation, Costs, Aesthetics, erosion problems, longevity (or how long till I have to replace this material), weed control and which one will make my landscape flourish. Some people often mix pine straw and mulches in landscaping areas, usually one as an accent and one as a background.  For example a bedding area of pansies may be planted in the fall and mulched in a ground pine bark that benefits the pansies by lowering the ph of the soil and holding moisture in the fall and winter, but the rest of the landscaped areas may be installed with pine straw for ease of installation. 

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