How will using a pine straw or mulch reduce my landscape maintenance?

Mulching products will benefit you by controlling your maintenance in your landscaped areas.  Not only will you have an eye appealing landscape, but you can reduce most of your weed problems with mulch.  Mulching products reduce sunlight contact with the soil so less weed seeds can germinate.  The less seeds to germinate result in fewer weeds, and with fewer weeds, that means less hand pulling and less use of herbicides to kill them, not to mention the fact that the plants will not have to compete with the faster growing weeds for water and nutrients.  Also, as mulch begins to decompose it breaks down into organic material that can be absorbed by the soil.  Pine straw when broken down is slightly acidic, and for acid loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, hollies, and many other plants grown in eastern North Carolina, it provides a soil advantage for those plants.  Wood fiber mulches also break down and provide certain slow decaying advantages for nutrient uptake to the plants.  With your plants protected by a layer of mulch you also have the main benefit of water retention.  Having your plants thrive in a landscape can always be linked to how well they receive nutrition and water.  Too much or too little water and you can get a negative affect such as yellowing of leaves, thinning and desiccation of the plant.  Mulches and pine straw help become the mediator to these factors.  Correct mulching practices will help eliminate the guess work of watering.  Reduced watering cost and weeding are the two biggest factors in reducing your landscape maintenance.

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